Judge Vincent G. Torpy , Jr

Judge Vincent G. Torpy, Jr., grew up and attended public schools in Carmel, New York. Throughout his senior year in high school, he worked full-time as the janitor at the local courthouse. During this experience, he developed an interest in the law from his contacts with lawyers, judges and police officers. Upon graduating high school, Judge Torpy moved to Florida with his family. Following a period of employment as a construction laborer, at age 19, he attended the police academy in Brevard County. After graduation, he began his law enforcement career as a Town of Indialantic police officer. During his tenure there, he earned three commendations for meritorious police service and was ultimately promoted to second-in-command of the beachside agency. Judge Torpy became a certified police instructor and frequently taught at the police academy.

While working as an officer, Judge Torpy earned his undergraduate degree, magna cum laude, from the University of Central Florida. At age 25, he resigned from the police department and moved to Tallahassee, where he attended law school at Florida State University. While there, he served as an editor of the Law Review and law clerk (intern) to Federal District Judge Maurice Paul and Florida Supreme Court Justice James C. Adkins. He graduated second in his class, with highest honors, and he was inducted into the Order of the Coif honors legal society. His student publications included: Police Officer May Not Properly Be Dismissed for Refusal to Submit to a Polygraph Examination1and United States v. Ross and The Container Cases.2

Prior to his judicial career, Judge Torpy was a partner in private practice with Frese, Nash & Torpy, P.A. Judge Torpy was Board certified in Civil Trial Practice and Business Litigation and earned the highest rating attainable by Martindale-Hubbell, a leading publication of peer review ratings for lawyers. In addition to representing many public entities and boards, he served as outside General Counsel to the Brevard County Sheriff. Judge Torpy was an adjunct professor at Brevard Community College and the University of Central Florida and served as President of the Vassar B. Carlton American Inn of Court. He also volunteered as a part-time deputy sheriff assigned to the agricultural and marine unit.

Judge Torpy was lead counsel in over 150 trials (jury and non-jury) and over 100 appeals in state and federal courts. Thirty of his appellate cases culminated in reported decisions in Florida and Tennessee.3 One class action case4 involved a case of first impression concerning the validity of street assessments. In another case,5 Judge Torpy successfully argued that the Fifth District Court of Appeal should certify conflict with an opinion of another district court of appeal. The Florida Supreme Court ultimately approved the decision of the Fifth District Court.6

In late 1999, Florida Governor Jeb Bush appointed Judge Torpy to the Circuit Court of Brevard County. He served for three years in the criminal and civil/family divisions. He also served as the administrative judge of the family division. Judge Torpy was certified by the Florida Supreme Court to handle death penalty cases. He was re-elected to the circuit court bench unopposed in 2002. Governor Bush appointed Judge Torpy to the Fifth District Court of Appeal in 2003, where he served as Chief Judge from July 1, 2013, until June 30, 2015. He has been twice retained as a judge of the Fifth District Court by district-wide election. In 2008, the Florida Supreme Court's Judicial Nominating Commission nominated Judge Torpy from a field of fifty applicants for a statewide seat on that court.

As an appellate judge, Judge Torpy has written over 700 majority opinions. In one such case, the decision was initially quashed by the Florida Supreme Court but that decision was later reversed by the United States Supreme Court in a landmark ruling regarding the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment.7 Judge Torpy authored thirteen opinions wherein conflict was certified with another district court. In eight of those cases, the Florida Supreme Court affirmed the decision of the Fifth District Court.8 In one case, the Florida Supreme Court initially accepted, but later dispensed with jurisdiction, allowing the decision to stand.9 In another case, the Florida Supreme Court denied review.10 In one case, the Florida Supreme Court disapproved the decision of the Fifth District Court.11 In one case, no further review was sought by the parties.12 One case remains pending in the high court.13

Judge Torpy authored six en banc opinions for the Fifth District Court that receded from prior panel opinions.14 In one of those cases, Bowen v. Taylor-Christensen, the Florida Supreme Court accepted jurisdiction to address a question of great public importance and approved the decision. Judge Torpy also authored three opinions involving issues of first impression that were later approved by the Florida Supreme Court.15 The holding in another case, Brown v. State, was later confirmed in a decision of the United States Supreme Court.16 Judge Torpy also authored two concurring opinions later adopted by other district courts17 , and one concurring opinion later adopted in a Fifth District Court decision.18 In recent years, the Florida Supreme Court addressed two decisions authored by Judge Torpy. In one decision, the high court validated a dissenting opinion authored by Judge Torpy in its decision reversing the en banc decision of the Fifth District Court of Appeal19 In another case, the high court approved a decision authored by Judge Torpy, and, in doing so, receded from a prior precedent of that court.20

In 2014, Judge Torpy was awarded the distinction of “Jurist Of The Year” by The American Board of Trial Advocates, Central Florida Chapter.

Judge Torpy has been married to his wife, Julie, for forty-two years. They have three children—a businessman, a lawyer/ officer in the United States Air Force and a fighter pilot/officer in the United Startes Air Force. Judge Torpy's hobbies include motorcycle riding, snow skiing, scuba diving, and do-it-yourself and restoration projects.

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