Office of the Clerk

  • The Office of the Clerk is responsible for the management of all case files and the progress of cases through the Court. Any questions concerning the Court's procedures or the status of a particular case pending before the Court should be directed to the Clerk's Office. Contact may not be made with the individual judges of the Court or their personal staff regarding cases.

General Information

  • Attorneys are required to file all documents electronically unless a waiver has been sought and granted by this Court.
  • Telephone inquiries regarding procedure or case status can be made to the Clerk's Office at (386) 947-1530. However, "[t]o clarify and emphasize for the benefit of litigants and counsel, the clerk's office does not give legal advice. The clerk's office does not make predictions about when the Court will render a ruling, the contents of that ruling, or the internal progress or status of a matter that is pending before this Court. Accordingly, litigants and counsel should not request this information from the clerk's office. Rulings of this Court are rendered in writing and, if the exigencies of the ruling dictate, may be immediately published to the litigants and counsel orally but only after a written ruling is rendered.”  Jedak Corp. v. Seabreeze Office Assocs., LLC, 248 So. 3d 242, 246 (Fla. 5th DCA 2018).

All appeals and petitions for original writs filed with the Court are governed by The Florida Rules Of Appellate ProcedurePDF Download that are promulgated by the Supreme Court of Florida.

The Court does not accept filings by fax. All filings must bear an original signature.