5DCA now accepting incoming electronic filings only through the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal

The Fifth District Court of Appeal is now accepting incoming electronic filings only through the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal, instead of through eDCA.  The Fifth District Court of Appeal will continue to use eDCA to electronically serve the Court's orders and decisions and to provide attorneys and parties with electronic case access.  Filers may also pay fees electronically via the E-Filing Portal.  If you do not have an account with the E-Filing Portal, visit the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal to register now.   

Please Note:  When a party files a document through the E-Filing Portal, it is imperative that the filer choose the correct parties to receive service of that document, as there will no longer be a casemail notification sent out from this Court alerting parties that a document has been filed.  It is the responsibility of the filer to serve the appropriate parties.