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RSS Feed for the 5th DCA Opinions

RSS (an acronym for "Rich Site Summary") is a way to receive automatic notification when new information is posted to a website. In order to monitor the new opinions posted to the 5th DCA website you must follow One of the Two steps below:

For users NOT using Outlook 2007 -

  1. Download the RSS Reader
  2. Scroll down the page to the "First Time installation Instructions" and complete the steps.
  3. Open the RSS Reader by going to Start / All Programs / RSSReader
  4. Add a new Account
  5. Copy the link below into the URL for the feed:

For users WITH Outlook 2007 -

Outlook 2007 provides access to RSS feeds. To add a URL follow the instructions below:

  1. On the Menu bar click on Tools / Account Settings / RSS Feeds Tab
  2. Click "New" and enter the URL below as the URL location of the feed you want to add to Outlook:

  3. Click the "Add" button
  4. The feeds will appear in the RSS Feeds folder in your mailbox.
  5. Click the subfolder titled 5th District Court of Appeal.
  6. Click on the email link to read the message.