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Opinions and PCAs Issued the Week of August 24, 2015

5D13-1740 Luis G. Rosario v. State           
5D13-3277 Chad E. Lakey v. State             
5D14-658 Christopher L. Bradley v. State  
5D14-1339 Richard Holubek v. State         
5D14-2894 State v. Billy Redden, Sr.         
5D14-4407 State v. Amber E. Wright          
5D15-960 Michael English v. State            
5D15-2251 DCF v. Lotton                           
CITATION OPINIONS                                 
5D15-1842 Tuggerson v. DOC
5D14-915 Buchwald v. Bankunited            
5D14-1124 Nelson A. Pineda v. State         
5D14-1873 Rengifo v. Nationstar               
5D14-2519 Joshua Gibson v. State            
5D14-2533 Gray v. Westgate                      
5D14-3148 Long v. JWSJ                           
5D14-3175 Stephen W. Horne v. State       
5D14-3505 Robin Forbes v. State              
5D14-3724 Jacob Powell v. State               
5D14-3978 Carey G. Norton v. State          
5D14-4216 William H. Gillespie v. State     
5D14-4256 Brandon Thompson v. State    
5D14-4320 Adams v. Kronk                        
5D14-4431 Matthew C. Hayes v. State        
5D14-4601 Ralph Segar v. State                 
5D15-63 Christopher Lowry v. State          
5D15-118 Waheed v. Zulquarnain              
5D15-207 Lilly A. Chavez v. State              
5D15-410 Jonathan Pearson v. State         
5D15-523 Demecus Thomas v. State         
5D15-727 Project v. Central                        
5D15-884 Judy Anderson v. State              
5D15-888 Gary Durrance v. State               
5D15-915 Timothy Foster v. State              
5D15-1074 William Calloway v. State         
5D15-1327 Benito S. Miguel v. State          
5D15-1352 Bernard Taylor v. State            
5D15-1359 Damieian Tillman v. State        
5D15-1440 Eugenia Roundtree v. State     
5D15-1456 Euguen C. Johnson v. State    
5D15-1685 Melvin W. Davis v. State           
5D15-2470 Juan C. Romano v. State