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Opinions and PCAs Released the Week of March 23, 2015

5D14-267 Bongiorno v. Americorp            
5D14-808 James M. Newton v. State          
5D14-1342 Justin Demott v. State              
5D14-1859 Joe E. Rogers v. State              
5D14-3363 Henry L. Robinson v. State      
5D14-3660 Dominic Messina v. State         
5D14-3921 Sunny Harris v. State               
CITATION OPINIONS                                 
5D14-893 St. Augustine v. Hollingsworth 
5D14-4633 Cave v. Cave
5D13-3643 Apex v. Brennan                       
5D13-4279 Robert Francis v. State             
5D13-4566 Anthony Greenwood v. State   
5D14-201 Jeremy S. Williams v. State        
5D14-310 Ira L. Jackson v. State                
5D14-1193 Curtis M. Pate v. State              
5D14-1358 Calvert J. Brown v. State          
5D14-1403 Lindo Jolly v. State                  
5D14-1473 Taylor v. Universal                   
5D14-1998 Nydia Perez v. State                 
5D14-2073 Harry E. Reese v. State             
5D14-2523 Cornelius Battle v. State          
5D14-2526 Antonio Mallard v. State           
5D14-2561 Daniel Klaus, III v. State           
5D14-2785 Alvin Dean v. State                   
5D14-3224 Eric R. Wilson v. State             
5D14-3235 Hugh J. Nelson v. State            
5D14-3396 Jorge A. Robles v. State           
5D14-3658 Eliseo Calderon v. State           
5D14-3839 L.A. v. State
5D14-4241 D.C. v. DCF                              

5D14-4518 Torodney L. Joiner v. State      
5D14-4668 Lionel Foster-Adams v. State   
5D15-469 James A. McClinton v. State