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Opinions and PCAs Issued the Week of January 15, 2018

5D14-492 Kelly Mathis v. State                   
5D15-4032 Landers v. State Farm              
5D16-4192 McGinnis v. Irwin                     
5D16-4374 Solarblue v. Jones                   
5D17-812 Ronald D. Mendenhall v. State  
5D17-1183 Hall v. Marion County Board of County Commissioners                                          
5D17-2668 Marcsene Utile v. State             
5D17-3077 Patrick J. Benway v. State        

CITATION OPINIONS                                 
5D17-3478 Rafael Rodriguez-Ruiz v. State
5D16-2683 Castano v. Florida Central Railroad Co.
5D16-2789 Etberto L. Rivera v. State         
5D16-2919 Laforest Williams v. State        
5D16-3650 Danny Allen v. State                 
5D16-3748 Adams v. Office of the Public Defender
5D16-3775 Estate of Aura M. Centeno v. New Horizon      
5D16-3912 Glenn A. Griggs v. State          
5D17-141 Van Gorden v. Van Gorden        
5D17-760 Dean A. Beebe v. State               
5D17-1037 Jeffrey O. Ross v. State            
5D17-1116 Jeffery B. McAdams v. State    
5D17-1346 William W. Manning v. State    
5D17-1625 Finno v. Citimortgage              
5D17-2851 Feliz McAdory v. State             
5D17-2978 Rickie Buttree, Jr. v. State        
5D17-3034 Thomas Pettit v. State              
5D17-3253 V.G. v. In the Matter of the Adoption of J.C.G.
5D17-3459 Mohammed Ezzidi v. State