Opinions and PCAs Released the Week of Feb. 10, 2014


5D12-3215 Oliver v. Oliver                              
5D12-3461 Rafael A. Gutierrez v. State       
5D12-4007 State v. Brian S. Thomas           
5D12-4372 Michael v. StateMcGhee           
5D13-583 State Farm v. Phillips - corrected 2/21/14                  
5D13-1924 Higdon v. Higdon                        
5D13-2906 J.L.B. v. S.J.B.                              
5D13-4153 Allen W. Husdon v. State           
5D13-4421 Victor B. Peterson,Jr. v. State   
CITATION OPINIONS                                      
5D13-3370 Clarence Perry v. State              
5D12-976 William L. Green, Jr. v. State       
5D12-1910 John Russell v. State                 
5D12-3011 Alan L. Adamson v. State          
5D12-3404 Gordon v. Gordon                       
5D12-3794 Major Harris v. State                   
5D12-4452 Extreme v. Ross                          
5D13-673 Tyrell Jack v. State                        
5D13-959 Steven Pizarro v. State                 
5D13-1143 Lavender D. Perkins v. State    
5D13-1459 Kelly Churchill v. State               
5D13-1554 Alphonso R. Britt v. State          
5D13-1650 Andrew Jackson v. State          
5D13-1764 Sophia L. Lamb v. State             
5D13-1889 Vincent Klaus v. State                
5D13-1926 Giovanni Borrerro v. State         
5D13-2029 Michael Siguefiled v. State        
5D13-2273 Kyle W. Evans v. State               
5D13-2331 J.L. v. State                                   
5D13-2393 Joshua Natareno v. State          
5D13-2514 Avery M. Corbitt v. State            
5D13-2520 Candy B. Towers v. State          
5D13-2583 Richard Scates v. State             
5D13-2689 Allan Lemus v. State                  
5D13-2850 William Litz v. State                     
5D13-2914 L.l.M., Mother v. State                 
5D13-2953 Leticia A. Murry v. State             
5D13-2981, 13-2982 Joann Alessi v. State 
5D13-3020 B.N.V. v. State                              
5D13-3830 Scott Keith v. State                     
5D13-3995 Edward R. Vashey v. State        
5D13-4101 R.J., Father v. State                     
5D13-4204 Gary M. Dirk v. State