PCAs & Citation Opinions Released the Week of November 19, 2012
This Court will not be releasing opinions
this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday


CITATION OPINIONS                                        
5D12-1821 Ronel Oscar v. State                   
5D12-2008, 12-2936 Thomas Isaac, et al. v. State     
5D12-3152 Rodrick Hill v. State                     
5D12-3173, 12-3175, 12-3176 Josephine Richey, et al. v. State     
5D12-3243, 12-3244, 3246, 3392, 3393, 3395 Don Corrow, et al. v. State

5D10-4221 Noel Ramirez v. State                 
5D11-1983 Hines v. Hines                               
5D11-3442 Dave Thomas v. State                 
5D11-3525 The Johnson Group v. Springs Equity  
5D11-3773 Montray Anderson v. State        
5D11-3953 Total Fleet v. National Insurance 
5D11-4380 Gardner v. Lord                            
5D11-4577 Shawn Chapman v. State          
5D12-287 Jonn McDowell v. State                
5D12-301 Anthony Williams v. State            
5D12-589 Robert Jasso v. State                    
5D12-659 Cook v. Aurora                                
5D12-991 Robert Marcum v. State                
5D12-1059 Gary Hendrix v. State                  
5D12-1094 Tara Brown v. State                     
5D12-1168 Tommie Devaux v. State            
5D12-1463 State v. M.A.L.                               
5D12-1498 Kenneth Hargrove v. State        
5D12-1799 Christopher Scamahorn v. State 
5D12-2078 James Coakley v. State              
5D12-2131 Tyress Davis v. State                  
5D12-2537 Lonnieo Hudson v. State           
5D12-2608 Reginald Patterson v. State      
5D12-2613 Pertrice Williams v. State           
5D12-2881 Lloyd Scruggs v. State               
5D12-3194 Tiffany McGuirt v. State              
5D12-3249 Mark King v. State                        
5D12-3328 Jackson Stallings v. State         
5D12-3437 Todd Miller v. State                      
5D12-3513 Jon Tomasik v. State                  
5D12-3520 Lester White v. State                   
5D12-3552 Richmond Johnson v. State     
5D12-3561 Blake Moore v. State                   
5D12-3689 Rufino Guebara v. State             
5D12-3710 Cowell Brown v. State                
5D12-3723 Alphonso James v. State           
5D12-3770 Otis Timmons v. State                 
5D12-3772 Passion Jackson v. State          
5D12-3775 Bradley Prucha v. State             
5D12-3810 Brandon McCarthy v. State       
5D12-3822 Gianni Spagnolo v. State           
5D12-3846 Johnny Keys v. State                  
5D12-3871 Matthew O'Brien v. State            
5D12-3872 Tommy Lee v. State