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Opinions and PCAs Released the Week of May 12, 2008

5D06-4070 & 5D07-36 Arch Specialty v. Riviera        
5D07-967 Jeffrey Parsons v. State               
5D07-1160 State v. Josephine Demere       
5D07-1738 Ocala Jockey Club v. Rogers   
5D07-2019 Kling v. DiSclafani                       
5D07-3491 Brian Victory v. State                  
5D08-403 Chancey Redding v. State           
5D08-632 Matthew Gayle v. State
5D07-2012 Brandon Burgess v. State

5D06-1896 Carl Meintzer v. State
5D06-2633 Vertice Robinson v. State
5D06-3265 Clarence Behn v. State
5D06-4170 Jackson McNealy v. State
5D07-177 Charles Stokes v. State
5D07-927 Juarbe-Angueira v. Dept. of Revenue
5D07-1125 Randy Moffett v. State
5D07-1271 Dusty Snow v. State
5D07-1400 Lyndon Golding v. State
5D07-1580 Antonio Olmos v. State
5D07-1842 Robert Lapp v. State
5D07-1903 Cannat v. Duqueroix
5D07-2127 Milmus Taylor v. State
5D07-2137 Pugliese v. RSM, LLC
5D07-2371 Jeffery Daniel v. State
5D07-2456 M.S. v. State
5D07-2552 Walter Upshaw v. State
5D07-2707 Jesse Banks v. State
5D07-2786 Elissa Decker v. State
5D07-2833 John Johnson v. State
5D07-2976 Arthur Chatman v. State
5D07-3304 Aaron Howell v. State
5D07-3338 Ernie Morris v. State
5D07-3403 Allen Kimble v. State
5D07-3541 L.R. v. DCF
5D07-3626 Walter Pate v. State
5D07- 4241 Fabio Nieves v. State
5D07-4315 Anita Gonzales v. State
5D07-4330 Maurice McKnight v. State
5D07-4334 Clyde Frederick v. State
5D07-4434 Ewoynne Warren v. State
5D07-4436 David Ross v. State
5D08-66 Timothy Johnson v. State
5D08-84 Michael Jackson v. State
5D08-115 Durrell Bradley v. State
5D08-116 Terrance Holloman v. State
5D08-180 Isaac Manning v. State
5D08-184 Charles Johnson v. State
5D08-205 Alex Whaley v. State
5D08-293 Carl Williams v. State
5D08-330 Cordell Tutt v. State
5D08-334 Donald Brockbank v. State
5D08-452 Richard Burns v. State
5D08-523 Howard Currington v. State
5D08-822 Carl Dillard v. State
5D08-1024 Jeff Rivers-Finney v. State
5D08-1117 Frank Miller v. State
5D08-1196 Brandon Allison v. State