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Opinions and PCAs Released the Week of February 4, 2008

5D06-2144 Kevin Sheppard v. State            
5D06-2792 Carl Romain v. State                   
5D06-3047 Mark Berube v. State                   
5D06-3177 McCauslin v. O’Conner corrected 6/18/08
5D06-4469 Harth v. Towne                             
5D07-1300 Hamp Green v. State                   
5D07-1672 Bennie Simmons v. State          
5D07-2830 Martin Hering v. State
5D07-1873 A.C.P. v. State
5D07-2934 Bonnie Phelan v. State

5D06-1060 Scott Olson v. State
5D06-2532 Arab v. Arab
5D06-3123 Kenneth Sullivan v. State
5D06-3781 Donald Vickers v. State
5D06-4332 Jermaine Bellamy v. State
5D07-227 Joshua Cobb v. State
5D07-740 Kevin Jones v. State
5D07-938 Dosia Steward v. State
5D07-1027 Benningfield v. UAC
5D07-1058 Anthony Rosario v. State
5D07-1099 Joseph Cassady v. State
5D07-1149 Rodney Addison v. State
5D07-1248 Thompson v. Hefferan
5D07-1440 Aaron Bernial v. State
5D07-1502 Willie Lawson v. State
5D07-1514 Bryan Parks v. State
5D07-1700 Giovani Rivera v. State
5D07-1794 Royal Dyal v. State
5D07-2004 Gerrell Smith v. State
5D07-2039 Luis Aguilar v. State
5D07-2218 Tabitha Gifford v. State
5D07-2242 Robert Adickes v. State
5D07-2254 Aaron Bostick v. State
5D07-2368 Jimmie Williams v. State
5D07-2440 Jeffrey Montanez v. State
5D07-2445 Hershel Williams v. State
5D07-2549 C.H. v. State
5D07-2853 Jeffrey Seafuse v. State
5D07-2895 Williamson Metayer v. State
5D07-2975 James McCamey v. State
5D07-2987 Fredderick Hurst v. State
5D07-3145 Steven Johnson v. State
5D07-3240 J.J. v. State
5D07-3366 William Doud v. State
5D07-3448 Sergio Torres v. State
5D07-3678 Alvin Clayton v. State
5D07-3895 James Moses v. State
5D07-4164 Richard Mobley v. State
5D07-4361 Jerry Sanders v. State
5D08-42 Randy Sands v. State