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Opinions and PCAs Released the Week of May 21, 2007

5D05-2565 Bankers Trust v. Basciano        
5D05-3289 Roseme Gibson v. State            
5D05-3494 Memorial Health v. Teasley       
5D05-3526 R.R. v. State                                   
5D06-680 & 5D06-681 Larico Cummings v. State     
5D06-2169 Donald Thomas v. State             
5D06-3483 Bonavito v. Bonavito                  
5D06-3984 Williams v. Williams                     
5D07-371 Gerald Humphrey v. State            
5D07-676 Charles Dannenberg v. State      
5D07-1151 Antonio Adderly v. State
5D06-4368 Michael English v. State

5D06-278 Black Diamond v. Black Diamond
5D06-1456 Richard Williamson v. State
5D06-1531 Roy Lafferty v. State
5D06-1559 K.A. v. P.A.
5D06-2445 Donofrio v. Broker
5D06-2591, 5D06-2592, 5D06-2856 & 5D06-2857 R.M. v. DCF
5D06-2593 Terry Bell v. State
5D06-2757 Brown v. Building Code
5D06-2896 Derrick Brown v. State
5D06-3095 Mario Dominguez v. State
5D06-3223 Eli Cortrufello v. State
5D06-3258 Talmage Thomas v. State
5D06-3283 Charles Potts v. State
5D06-3353 M.M. v. State
5D06-3532 Sherman Whites v. State
5D06-3585 Eugene King v. State
5D06-3692 Kevin Sheppard v. State
5D06-3983 Wolf Creek v. CIT Tech
5D06-4050 Viola Major v. State
5D06-4239 Anthonia Ellis v. State
5D06-4319 Michael Reed v. State
5D07-3 Robert Kelly v. State
5D07-50 Richard Edson v. State
5D07-67 Duane Jones v. State
5D07-82 Edwin Sieg v. State
5D07-423 James Johnson v. State
5D07-449 J.D. v. DCF
5D07-481 Randolph Norwood v. State
5D07-516 Sherri Renfro v. State
5D07-568 Thomas Lovett v. State
5D07-625 Joe Retalic v. State
5D07-670 William Burgess v. State
5D07-679 T.C. Brady v. State
5D07-689 Dudley Ferdinando v. State
5D07-780 Pete Matos v. State
5D07-805 Mary Juarez v. State
5D07-806 Larry McKnight v. State
5D07-817 Shanton Woodson v. State
5D07-958 Reginald Spivey v. State
5D07-998 Jose Diaz v. State
5D07-1130 Eric Chester v. State
5D07-1144 Paul Robbins v. State
5D07-1209 Darryl Dixon v. State
5D07-1231 Leon Armstrong v. State
5D07-1336 Louie Cole v. State
5D07-1375 Eliseo Febus v. State