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Opinions and PCAs Released the Week of May 7, 2007

5D06-817 Saullo v. Douglas                           
5D06-1651 Timothy Mulligan v. State corrected May 23, 2007           
5D06-1758 Kenneth Robinson v. State       
5D06-2075 Reginald Sibley v. State             
5D06-2208 Johnny Smith v. State                
5D06-2993 State v. Aaron Lee                       
5D06-3192 Schiavone v. Apostolicas  
5D06-3691 R.L. v. DCF         
5D06-4480 Edward Thurman v. State          
5D07-70 Robert Robinson v. State
5D06-364 Timothy Daniels v. State
5D06-890 Herbert Price v. State
5D06-1202 Jessica Thomas v. State
5D06-1237 Travis Smith v. State
5D06-1374 Ira Jackson v. State
5D06-1802 Michael Happle v. State
5D06-2000 Ator v. One Stop Mortgage
5D06-2238 Baldwin v. Jumbolair
5D06-2345 Earl Nelson v. State
5D06-2448 T.L. v. State
5D06-2478 David Howington v. State
5D06-3091 Victory Smoote v. State
5D06-3180 Saidais Dorival v. State
5D06-3234 Richard Cook v. State
5D06-3308 Howard v. Faxel
5D06-3558 Johnathan Boyd v. State
5D06-3628 L.H. v. DCF
5D06-3706 Archie Hecht v. State
5D06-3761 Charles Miller v. State
5D06-3872 T.H. v. DCF
5D07-80 A.B. v. DCF
5D07-129 Dean Dameron v. State
5D07-144 Andrew Brown v. State
5D07-320 Michael Kahert v. State
5D07-334 Jimmy Campbell v. State
5D07-415 Calvin Sledge v. State
5D07-492 Leon Lee v. State
5D07-559 Brandon Berthel v. State
5D07-564 Andrew Wright v. State
5D07-619 Jason Hogan v. State
5D07-672 Robert Barish v. State
5D07-890 Johnnie Jackson v. State
5D07-1051 Albert Jefferson v. State
5D07-1133 Michelle Tierney v. State
5D07-1212 Michael Johnson v. State