PCAs and Citation Opinions Released the Week of November 20, 2006

This Court will not be Releasing Opinions this Week due to the Thanksgiving Holiday


CITATION OPINIONS                                        

5D05-3034 Robert Steele v. State                    

5D05-3415 Schwanda v. Woodbine

5D06-485 R.J.W. v. DCF



5D05-111 David Sussman v. State                   

5D05-1976 Shaun Byrom v. State                     

5D05-2129 Tuccillo v. Daimlerchrysler             

5D05-2375 Jackie Mitchell v. State                  

5D05-2651 Kibbey v. Kibbey                             

5D05-2806 Kent v. Orange Co. Sheriff’s Office   

5D05-2992 Thomas Pope v. State                   

5D05-3407 Tony Smith v. State                         

5D05-3865 Clemens v. Cypress Creek           

5D05-3896 James Trainor v. State                   

5D05-3978 Shawn Miller v. State                      

5D05-4087 Suzanne Squires v. State              

5D05-4213 Clifford Pinellas v. State                 

5D05-4352 Andre Tyler v. State                        

5D05-4392 SG Development v. Flagler Oceanfront        

5D05-4528 Adrian Pickens v. State                 

5D06-360 Hart v. UAC                                        

5D06-426 C.K. v. State                                      

5D06-602 Anselmo v. Forrest                            

5D06-606 C.A.S. v. State                                   

5D06-862 Cortes v. UAC                                   

5D06-869 Marlon Wilson v. State                      

5D06-1009 T.L. v. State                                     

5D06-1152 Dennis Mooty v. State                    

5D06-1291 Tommy Lee v. State                       

5D06-1450 Randy Montgomery v. State          

5D06-1624 John Burt v. State                            

5D06-2162 Roy Lancaster v. State                   

5D06-2398 Alphonso Harrison v. State            

5D06-2473 Erkelens v. Erkelens                       

5D06-2603 Timothy Martin v. State                   

5D06-3219 James Littleton v. State                  

5D06-3247 Frankie Camacho v. State             

5D06-3548 Moses Mitchell v. State                  

5D06-3567 Eddie Irving v. State                       

5D06-3568 James Morrell v. State                   

5D06-3609 Charles Cates v. State                   

5D06-3687 Martis Powell v. State