Opinions and PCAs Released the Week of November 1, 2004


5D02-3617 Allegheny v. Roche

5D03-1013 Alpha v. Alpha corrected November 19, 2004

5D03-1737 Maslow v. Edwards

5D03-2431 Mihelich v. Travers

5D04-245 Dexter Hawks v. State

5D04-459 Borgard v. UAC

5D04-1087 Misty Balogac v. State

5D04-2695 Rudolph Love v. State

5D04-2717 Ronnie Connolly v. State

5D04-2770 Donald Vickers v. State

5D04-2952 Ricky Simmons v. State corrected November 16, 2004



5D04-74 Kvaerner Const. v. American Safety Casualty Ins.

5D04-432 Eckert v. UAC

5D04-473 James Harris v. State

5D04-691 Clinton v. UAC

5D04-713 Robert Coker v. State

5D04-809 Timothy Short v. State

5D04-3025 Alvin James v. State

5D04-3123 Eddie Roberts v. State

5D04-3340 John Linssens v. State

5D04-3342 Carolyn Maye v. State



5D03-2029 Travis Tulloh v. State

5D03-3091 Bohr v. City of Howey-In-The-Hills

5D03-3591 Price v. Perry

5D03-3688 Kevin Pallex v. State

5D04-26 Wilmer Calero v. State

5D04-142 Jewusiak v. Sandy Kaye Condo.

5D04-180 Mario Lockhart v. State

5D04-488 James Hammock v. State

5D04-671 Osborne v. Bowen

5D04-732 Marcus Sutton v. State

5D04-834 Noso Dorcer v. State

5D04-840 Kelli Peterson v. State

5D04-863 Tanya Yelvington v. State

5D04-1739 Sherman Grant v. State

5D04-1767 Charles Smith v. State

5D04-2000 Jerry Murphy v. State

5D04-2132 Anthony Smith v. State

5D04-2164 David Martin v. State

5D04-2532 Bruce Hunter v. State

5D04-2675 George Phipps v. State

5D04-2780 Calvin Brown v. State

5D04-2792 John Stabile v. State

5D04-2856 Raymond Burton v. State

5D04-3014 Gordon Smith v. State

5D04-3068 Michael Harris v. State

5D04-3118 John Taylor v. State

5D04-3147 Fabio Nieves v. State

5D04-3150 Ronald Wright v. State

5D04-3163 Silvo Reyes v. State

5D04-3179 Dennis Stevens v. State

5D04-3194 Luis Rivera v. State

5D04-3215 George Gould v. State

5D04-3235 Keith Irving v. State

5D04-3245 Jose Garcia-Ortiz v. State

5D04-3272 Orlando Henderson v. State

5D04-3273 Jason Newell v. State

5D04-3311 Lorenzo Wilson v. State

5D04-3319 Herbert Bell v. State

5D04-3329 John Fisher v. State

5D04-3331 Ronald Meardy v. State

5D04-3345 Steven Milligan v. State

5D04-3378 Leslie Brunskill v. State

5D04-3409 John Young v. State