PCAS and Citation Opinions Released the Week of September 6, 2004

This Court will not be releasing opinions this Week



5D04-731 Thomas Despart v. State

5D04-854 Doneel McNeal v. State



5D03-2843 Gary Harris v. State

5D03-3067 Walter Maginnis v. State

5D03-3446 James Crace v. State

5D04-763 William Smith v. State

5D04-2363 Daniel Selby v. State

5D04-2479 Lamar Fullmer v. State

5D04-2507 Darryl Dixon v. State

5D04-2520 Steven Corn v. State

5D04-2558 Terry Bell v. State

5D04-2646 Anthony Gann v. State

5D04-2798 Timothy Golphin v. State

5D04-2816 John Perry v. State