PCAs and Citation Opinions Released the Week of November 24, 2003

This Court will not be Releasing Opinions This Week due to the Thanksgiving Holiday




5D02-2335 Wallace Wright v. State

5D02-3890 Orkin v. A.C. Condo. Association

5D03-1525 Robert Olawski v. State



5D02-2586 Oscar Thomas v. State

5D02-3522 Siegel v. Siegel

5D03-267 Rollins v. Whitaker

5D03-275 M.C. v. DCF

5D03-303 Anthony Gaines v. State

5D03-460 Carl Williams v. State

5D03-475 H.E. v. DCF

5D03-661 Joseph Anderson v. State

5D03-672 Anthony Owens v. State

5D03-694 B.H. v. DCF

5D03-784 Theodore Thomas v. State

5D03-1107 Rufus Jones v. State

5D03-1202 Magnolia Resort v. Dial

5D03-1256 Marcus Clark v. State

5D03-1426 Worobec v. Worobec

5D03-1430 Morgan Bradford v. State

5D03-1463 Ivan Taylor v. State

5D03-1540 Maurice Bryant v. State

5D03-1602 Marshall Fenn v. State

5D03-1750 J.F. v. DCF

5D03-1823 Willie Scott v. State

5D03-2019 Alika Crawford v. State

5D03-2283 Gerald Anderson v. State

5D03-3385 Cedric Jones v. State

5D03-3563 Arthur Tolliver v. State