Opinions and PCAs Released the Week of January 6, 2003



5D02-1026 & 5D02-1262 H.P. v. DCF

5D02-1559 OSI Industries v. Carter

5D02-1629 K.B. v. DCF

5D02-2177 DCF v. J.L.

5D02-3147 Oliver v. State



5D02-955 DCF v. L.P.

5D02-3943 Sutton v. State

5D02-3965 Crespin v. State



5D02-623 Walker v. State

5D02-708 Rodriguez v. State

5D02-852 Rainey v. State

5D02-1292 Greene v. Suhor

5D02-1336 Hawn v. State

5D02-1759 Smith v. State

5D02-2459 Jones v. State

5D02-3486 Hill v. State

5D02-3775 James v. State

5D02-3876 Milea v. State