Opinions and PCAs Released the Week of January 7, 2002



5D00-2106 Continental Casualty Co. v. City of South Daytona

5D01-3282 Floyd v. State

5D01-3474 Robert Family v. City of Orlando



5D99-1914 Yockel v. State

5D00-3069 Judge-Rizos v. DCF

5D00-3521 Delfino-Ramirez v. State

5D01-86 Freeman v. State

5D01-245 Duffy v. State

5D01-372 Bosanko v. St. Augustine Airport Authority

5D01-555 Gibbs v. State

5D01-1038 Dittrich v. State

5D01-1260 Elridge v. State

5D01-1430 Q.L.T. v. State

5D01-1459 Rabette v. State

5D01-1551 Williams v. State

5D01-1552 T.A.T. v. State

5D01-1635 Vega v. State

5D01-2096 Wilhelm v. State

5D01-2300 Kirkland v. State

5D01-2389 Carter v. State

5D01-3558 Gann v. State