Opinions and PCAs Released the Week of December 31, 2001



5D00-1470 & 5D00-1594 The Edgewater at Waterman Village v. Youngren

5D00-2414 Horizons Rehabilitation v. Health Care & Retirement Corp.

5D00-3228 Cattaneo v. Cattaneo

5D01-399 Combs v. State

5D01-573 Forance v. State

5D01-697 Yunger v. Oliver

5D01-1141 The City of Cocoa v. Leffler

5D01-1554 Dept. of Rev. v. Daystar Farms, Inc.

5D01-1595 N.S.H. v. DCF

5D01-1617 Dept. ov Hwy v. Critchfield

5D01-1690 Brown v. Comair, Inc.

5D01-1791 Young v. State

5D01-2369 L.G. v. DCF

5D01-2758 G.C. v. DCF

5D01-2911 D.M. v. DCF

5D01-2972 Leduc v. State



5D00-3412 Kramer v. Read

5D01-1203 Peterson v. Peterson

5D01-1306 Smith v. State

5D01-1337 Taylor v. State

5D01-1504 Mays v. State

5D01-1717 Labato v. Suntrust

5D01-3529 Hall v. State

5D01-3557 James v. State

5D01-3569 Rainey v. State

5D01-3712 Nichols v. State