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Mediation Information (cont.)

Once a case is selected, mediation is mandatory, within a limited time span, so that the delay will not affect the course of the appeal, if mediation fails, and so that most of the costs of the appeal can be avoided, if the mediation is successful.

Parties are free to select their own mediator from a list of mediators who are certified in appellate mediation. Mediators agree to accept referrals from the court for parties who cannot agree on a mediator at a $200.00 per hour rate and to accept up to two pro bono cases per year, for a limited time span per case, for parties unable to afford the mediation process. In almost all cases, the parties mutually agree on a mediator.

To obtain more information about the mediation program or to offer ideas and suggestions, contact the court’s mediation coordinator at (386) 947-1547.

Revised: 06/10