* * *

Clerk of the Court:

 Susan Wright

Assistant Clerk:

 Linda Howard

Chief Deputy Clerk:

 Jean Henry

Sr. Deputy Clerk:

 Kelly Waldron

Deputy Clerks:






 Lisa Bystrowski

 Diana Disch

 LaToya Jenkins

 Kellie Schill

 Christyne Swanger

 Patti Bernhard

* * *

The office of the Clerk is responsible for the management of all case files and the progress of cases through the Court. Any questions concerning the Court's procedures or the status of a particular case pending before the Court should be directed to the Clerk's Office. Contact may not be made with the individual judges of the Court or their personal staff regarding cases.

The office of the Clerk is open from 8:15 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday of each week except when the building is closed for holidays. The Court does not accept electronic filings, either by fax or by e-mail, and all filings must bear an original signature. The Court does, however, maintain a secure "drop box" at the courthouse that is available for after hours filings. Any document intended to be filed with the Court should be directed to: Clerk's Office, Fifth District Court of Appeal, 300 South Beach Street, Daytona Beach, FL 32114. Telephone inquiries regarding procedure or case status can be made to the Clerk's Office at (386) 255-8600.

All appeals and petitions for original writs filed with the Court are governed by The Florida Rules Of Appellate Procedure that are promulgated by the Supreme Court of Florida. When a new case is received and acknowledged, the office of the Clerk disseminates a Notice To Attorneys And Parties (revised March 2006) that highlights frequent inquiries made regarding the prosecution of an appeal or petition submitted to the Court. Moreover, the Notice is updated whenever an amendment is made to the appellate rules by the Supreme Court.